Our Story

Founded in 2011 by Katie Imswiler, IMSY Swimwear seamlessly bridges the gap between fashion and function.

Inspired by her love for surfing and frustration with swimsuits that wouldn't stay on in the water, Katie embarked on a journey to create her own swim line. Each suit is meticulously handcrafted, surf tested, and designed to provide a secure and flattering fit. With signature prints, full reversibility, and a tie-free pulley system. IMSY Swimwear offers stylish solutions for the confident and adventurous woman who wants to make a statement both in and out of the water.

Over the years, IMSY Swimwear has grown far beyond its initial offerings. What began as a swimwear brand now encompasses clothing, athletic wear, accessories, and even a range of kids' swimwear. The brand's expansion speaks to its dedication to providing fashionable and functional options for all aspects of an active and adventurous lifestyle.